Tel. 07767 243180

Email. john@uniqueucoaching.com

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Initial Consultation: 40 mins: FREE


Individual Sessions: £45


Block of Three Sessions: £120 (10% Discount)


Block of Five Sessions: £180 (20% Discount)


Individual Sessions thereafter at 20% discounted rate.


Our coaching sessions can be held in a variety of locations as long as we have some privacy and the location is suitable for you.


Possible locations are: my office in my family home, your home or work, a coffee shop, a Hotel foyer or local business facility.

Step One: Get in touch.

Please email, text, call or use the enquiry form on the contact page.


Step Two: Meet up for a coffee or talk over the phone.

I will take you through the coaching model and explain how it works, we will talk about you, what you are looking for and your goals. If it's for you then we will agree an initial contract.


Step Three: Book some sessions.

It's different for everyone, I meet some people once a month for ongoing development, once a week for immediate issues and occasionally daily for example if you have an interview date soon.


Step Four: Attend and Participate

During our sessions we will discuss progress, set goals and actions, discuss barriers and look at developing new ways of thinking and creating meaningful change in your personal or professional life.

next level

Is it time that you took it to the next level?

A 'session' generally lasts an hour however I am very relaxed about time.

One you have paid for your sessions I work on the principle that you can either use it, save it or share it.