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Do you think you can be a better manager?


Do you find managing people frustrating & challenging?


Do you manage difficult people, complainers or underperformers?


How do you build an effective team?


Need to get better results?


How do you manage your boss?




'The beauty of coaching with John is that he helped me identify and reach potential I never thought I had in every aspect of my work'  


Allan Cairns, Depot Manager

Malcolm Logistics.


Brilliant sessions looking deeply at what I needed for my management skills, changed my work and in the process changed my life!


Steff K

The Chartered Institute of Personal Development stated in a recent report that Management Coaching is the single most effective professional development experience that works.


Training courses and qualifications are great for developing your knowledge, however managers tell me that their biggest challenge is applying that knowledge, how to make it happen in real life!


Your management challenges are yours and yours alone, courses and qualifications don’t look at the real people you work with, or what your specific problems are, or judge the culture of your organisation.


It’s you that must survive and thrive, as your coach we will look at your needs and your solutions!


Some Typical Management Coaching Topics


Managing Performance

Managing People

Presentation Skills

Employee Engagement

Managing Resources

Managing Change.

Managing Conflict

Time Management

Working Under Pressure

Discipline & Grievance

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Whatever your management level we can help you transform your performance and boost your career by guiding you in creating & implementing strategies that make a real difference!