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Do you think that you still have more to do and achieve?


Have you lost control of your own life?


Do you admire people who make things happen?


Is there something that you have always meant to do?


Could you do with boosting your confidence?

Self Confidence: Often the one key barrier that prevents us from achieving what we want is believing in ourselves. During our sessions we will talk and think deeply about how your thought processes are limiting your own potential, we will create strategies for dismantling barriers and achieving positive and meaningful change in your life.

Relationships: Relationships can be tough, demanding and frustrating with some taking a disproportionate amount of time and energy to the detriment of others. During our sessions you will define who is important to you and why, what you are willing to give that relationship and what you need in return.

Work / Life Balance: In my experience the key to work life balance is planning and time management. During our sessions we will explore how to plan your life, how to prioritise your tasks, you will learn how others steal our time and how time is wasted. You may not think you have any control over your work life balance however you do!

Health and Wellbeing: Managing your health and well-being has the potential to make the biggest positive impact on your life. Through coaching I have observed some remarkable transitions in people who have found what relaxes them, what foods work for them, the role of medium exercise in their life and their approach to being comfortable in their own skin.

"I've known John for many years, and he truly is someone who can guide you through the ups & downs of life & business. Highly recommended"  


Kev O.Neil

Founder & CEO

29 Studios

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Life Coaching is a journey of becoming self-aware and taking control.

Achieve Positive and Meaningful Change in Your Life